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HOG Malaysia Chapter 

Chapter Care Line
012-5088682 (Nadzrin)

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Dear HOG members,

With the upcoming event - Harley-Davidson World Ride Day on June 27, I would like to welcome everyone - ALL Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners.

Currently, we have more then 250 motorcycles registered to join us on this unprecedented event, and the numbers are growing… with one mission - just ride for the love of riding.

Grab your buddies and hit the open road, united as ONE regardless of which Motorcycle Clubs, Patches or Colors. We are Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners, period!

Our organizing committee will do the best to organize every details of this trip to Port Dickson - the best we can. And I know your supports will, and certainly MAKING HISTORY is the World of Motorcycle, a passion we all shared, care and valued.

For the safety of everyone riding in convoy, pushing off from H-D Kuala Lumpur TOGETHER is very important, to ensure Marshall and Police Outriders are able to do their job.

To show that we are Truly Malaysian, we will also Sahur together at our destination. This is our culture - we MAKAN TOGETHER!

We are making history, as i’m writing this… the record number of registration is still increasing.

Let’s not have other issues between us… just ride, when you’re done, your record milage will show the world what we’re made of.

- Choo Kai Mun
Chapter Director, HOG Malaysia Chapter


H-D WORLD RIDE DAY cum Sahur Ride
27/6/15 to Port Dickson

Invite all H-D owners to unite & ride for freedom & friendship
Meet up @ H-DKL 9:45pm & push off 10:15pm

Register now for your H-D WORLD RIDE PATCHES, CERT & Sahur buffet
RM30/rider-pillion RM20(patch/cert optional)

6pm-10pm - Riders Registration Counter Open
7:30pm - Buka Puasa & Solat Maghrib
(sponsored by H-DKL)
8:45pm - Solat Isyak & Terawih
(space allocated for terawikh by H-DKL)
10pm - Registration closed & Riders Briefing
10:30pm - Push Off to Port Dickson
11:45pm - Arrival @ Embok Village Steamboat & Seafood
12:00am - Sahur buffet served
01:30am - Push off to KL
02:30am - ETA KL riders dismiss at Sg Besi

AO Suhardi 0122093839 or RC Zeff 0192153080


Up and Coming Ride (Tentative Program)

H-D World Ride 28-29 June

Sahur / Durian Ride 27 June

Buka Puasa Ride 4 July

Batam Ride 29-31 August

Mark your calendar and watch out for the announcement soon...

Dear Members,

As discussed with committee members, please to include agenda 4 as a self explanatory for member who lapsed 2 years.

Full minutes from 2013, please click here for a 3Mb PDF file.

Secretary Firdaus

Membership Services

We are taking steps to assist members.

Please come to HOG Corner at H-DKL with any issue regarding membership status, merchandising, Harley-Davidson motorcycle maintenance/service quality and others.

Fill in the complaint form if possible so that the committee in-charge will look into it.


AGM 2015
Impiana Hotel & SPA KLCC
March 28 Photo Gallery



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