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HOG Malaysia Chapter 


Good News. During our meeting with all the Security Forces and Government Agencies in Sabah today, the Esscom have given us the assurance that we will be safe and protected during our 1st Malaysia International HOG Rally in Sabah to be held from 13th-23rd September 2014 especially for our trip to Mabul And Sipadan Island. A special team headed by ASP Zul will be assigned to our group during our stay in Mabul and Sipadan. The Minister of Tourism and Environment of Sabah have also given the directive to all the security forces and agencies in Sabah to give priority to our Rally to show to the world that Sabah is SAFE.

Dear Members,

You are cordially invited to Iftar by Naza
(Majlis Berbuka Puasa) on the 19th July 2014

2W Iftar to be held on 19 July
Saturday (21st Ramadhan)
6pm - 9pm @ 3 locations in PJ

The invitation is to:
a. Bikers clubs & their families ie. HOG, DCM, APRC, NBDC, BLADERS, GGB & VESPA

b. Customers & families of Victory & Indian

c. Corporate customers & families

d. Media - 2 Wheels

3 separate location are:
a. Showroom of Harley & Vespa PJ for HOG, Vespa Club, Victory customers & Indian Customers

b. Showroom of Naza Bikers Dream PJ for NBDC, APRC, BLADERS, GGB

c. Ducati 3S Centre PJ for DCM

Bike Rental Information for 1st Malaysia International HOG Rally, 2014

Participant Registration & Payment Deadline: 17 July 2014
Participant Bike Rental Request Deadline: 17 July 2014
Participant delivery personal for inspection: 10 Aug 2014
Participant delivery personal bike for shipment: 20 Aug 2014

Models Used Bike New Bikes (50)
Sportster 1,000 N. A.
Dyna 1,100 1,300 (10)
Soft-tail 1,200 1,500 (10)
Touring 1,500 2,000 (50)
Used Bikes only
bike inspection : 10 Aug
bike shipment: 23 Aug
all bikes must have ALL RIDERS insurance coverage
any liabilities claims will be responsibility of the owner

Documents Required from participants:

  1. photocopy of IC (both size)/passport copy of owner
  2. bank release letter (for Malaysian) ORIGINAL
  3. owner’s bike - ORIGINAL Registration Card
  4. company owned/different owner - ORIGINAL authorized letter

For Details contact: Activity Officer
Lokman L.
Tel : +60123056030


HOG Rock & Roll Mt. KK

On the 25th March 2014, hog's rock and roll mount kinabalu expedition team have successfully assembled a 350kg harley davidson dyna super glide and start the bike at the summit of the highest mountain in Malaysia at 4,000 meters above sea level.

text by Choo Kai Mun[more]

Download 1st Malaysia International HOG Rally 2014, Sabah brochure here: Page 1, Page 2

More information visit here...

HARLEY Owners Group (HOG) everywhere are well-known for organising biking rally for their members. The American HOGs usually did theirs for 3 days; those in China would organised it for 2D/1N. In short, such HOG rallies never exceeded more than 5 days in total but very soon, that is going to change.

Malaysians, famous for attempting world records for leisure pursuits, will see the HOG Malaysia Chapter organising an 11 days/10 nights rally for its members in Sabah in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2014, which will be held from September 13-23, in collaboration with the Sabah Tourism Board and Sabah Parks. The Malaysian Chapter of the HOG also created another record recently with the Mount Kinabalu expedition, where a 300kg Harley-Davidson bike was disassembled, and the parts carried to the top, re-assembled and successfully started the bike, after which it was disassembled again for the trip down and reassembled the bike again.



1st Malaysia International HOG Rally Promo




Rider: RM6,800.00
Pillion: RM4,500.00

more details...

Brochure Page 1

Brochure Page 2

View photos from Rock & Roll Mt. KK, Sabah
by Jason Chor


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